Mission Statement

The Percussive Arts Society® (PAS®) is a music service organization promoting percussion education, research, performance and appreciation throughout the world.

Welcome to the local site for the
 Australia Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society

Since you are here, I would like to thank you for choosing to become an active part of Australia’s percussion community!
Our national advisory team: Sergei Golovko (Victoria), Louise Devenish (WA), Andrew Weiring (SA), Mark Robinson (NSW representative) and Tom O'Kelly (Qld) assist Treasure James Bailey and myself in organizing and planning our numerous activities through out each year.

What’s Happening?
To find out more on what’s happening please click on or our various links on this page. In our links you will find information on both past and future events.

What Have I Missed?
On our Days of Percussion page you will find archived posters, programs and copies of all handouts presented on the day.

The Place to Network:
Our site is the place to stay connected with chapter members, post new events and generally just “check in”.

Face Book: We do have an Australia Chapter FB page

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Finding relevance as a Chapter of this organization:
Over the past 40  years I have often had discussions with people about the relevance of PAS here in Australia.

Not Yet a Member?

For me involvement and participation in PAS is a no brainer! This is the only professional scholarly organization for people involved in percussion! We all agree that performing at a PASIC and contributing to Percussive Notes are uplifting and reaffirming events in our careers. I have been a member since 1976 and really cannot imaging ever not participating. Items such as our Australian Chapter Lifetime Achievement Awards (Richard Smith, Jim Bailey and Barry Quinn) and our various festivals, conferences and symposiums are enough to demonstrate our mutual respect admiration and commitment to our profession. It is only fitting that all of our students realize that belonging to a professional organization such as PAS is so much more that a magazine or website. For me it is affirmation that I am a valued member of an international organization that recognizes the noble art of percussion as a valued and respected professional life choice. If you are a student enrolled in a course that is preparing you for a lifelong career in percussion what better way to confirm your pathway than belonging to our professional organization.

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Gary France President, Australian Chapter  
Associate Professor of Percussion
Australian National University
Features Editor PERCUSscene magazine
Board of Directors, Percussive Arts Society 2013 - 2014