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High School Literature


Please contact Michael Downing with any questions about the high school literature.

Snare Drum

Colonial Capers – John Beck
Etude from "Intermediate Snare Drum Studies" – Mitchell Peters
Etude from "Modern Method for Snare Drum" - Morris Goldenberg
Etude from "12 Studies for Snare Drum" - Jaques Delecluse



Dream of the Cherry Blossoms - Keiko Abe
Etude No. 1 – Paul Smadbeck
Etude, Op. 6, No. 8 – Clair Omar Musser
Rain Dance – Alice Gomez
Restless – Rich O'Meara
Spanish Dance – Kai Stensgaard
Ghanaia - Matthias Schmidt
Eruption of Sakurajima – Muniz




Blue Hammers – James Campbell
Eight Pieces for Four Timpani – March - Carter  
Bushido: The Way of the Warrior – Willmarth  
Etudes from “Pedal to the Kettle” - Gay  
Cadenza - Zivkovic
Cross-Over March
– John Beck
Statement for Timpani –
Garwood Whaley
Triplet Threes –
Todd Ukena



Drum Set

Click here for a link with styles and a setup diagram. Please visit the "rules" link above under competitive festival for complete guildines of the drum set category. The contestant may be asked to demonstrate the following styles from memory: Afro-Cuban 6/8, ballad, bossa nova, Broadway show two, brushes, calypso, cha cha, country, cumbia, funk, half time rock feel, gospel, hip-hop, jazz waltz, mambo, medium-swing, merengue, mozambique, New Orleans street beat (second line), partido alto, rumba guaguanco, reggae, rock, samba, shuffle, songo, tango, straight-8th jazz (ECM), two-feel, up tempo swing. The contestant will be allowed to tastefully embellish the style if desired.

Percussion Chamber Ensemble


4/4 for Four – Anthony Cirone – 4 players
 – Jared Spears – 6 players 
One Eyed Jacks – 
Mark Ford – 6 players
 – Anthony Cirone – 6 players
Sacrificial Rite – David Gillingham – 5 players

Shock Factor
 – Nathan Daughtrey – 5 players
Ritual Music - David Skidmore - 4 players