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We would like for the calendar to start reflecting the many different types of percussion related events taking place in our state - percussion ensemble performances, master classes, clinics, studio or solo recitals, drum circles, you name it!

If you would like to add your event to the calendar please email the info (date, time, location, cost) to our chapter secretary Sarah Basiletti at sebasiletti@gmail.com.

The 2016 competition was a success!! Scroll down to see the winners.

A Special Thanks to our Judges who volunteered their time for the 2016 Competitive Festival.

Dave Gerhart, Jonathan Latta, Adam Pietz, David Gabrielson, Brian Kendrick, Todd Johnson, Joey Hernandez, Allan Kristensen, Shawn Glyde, Angelique Sayson, Joe Runnels, Bret Kuhn, Tony Cirone, George Ramirez
 thank you to our other festival committee members and volunteers: Brenda Myers, AnnaMarie Rivas, Jordan Runnels,  Micah Davison, Regina Jimenez, Jason Cruz, Courtney Thornburg, Anthony Rodriguez Michael Downing, Matthew Darling, Sarah Basiletti

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Junior High Timpani

1st place – Erin Lin

2nd place – Jessica Hsu

3rd Place – Irene Lin

Junior High Snare Drum

1st place – Gabriel Tseng

2nd place – Zachary Liu

3rd Place – Irene Lin

Junior High Keyboard

1st place – Irene Lin

2nd place – Katie Chang

3rd Place – Erin Lin

High School Timpani

1st place – Robert Darling

2nd place – Lauren Sheu

3rd Place – Abrianna Gomez

High School Snare Drum

1st place – Robert Darling

2nd place – Peyton Esraelian

3rd Place tie– Andy Hsu, Richerd Chen

High School Keyboard

1st place – Jonas Koh

2nd place – Richerd Chen

3rd Place – Robert Yang

College Timpani

1st place – Anthony Gilleland

2nd place – Henry Reed

3rd Place – Shota Otaguro

College Snare Drum

1st place – Henry Reed

2nd place – Jeffrey Marcos

3rd Place – Anthony Gilleland

College Keyboard

1st place – John Gilchrist

2nd place – Shota Otaguro

3rd Place – Regine Abad

Junior High Ensembles

1st place – U Music (Jacqueline Guo, Larry Shi, Caren Wang, Jessica Yu)

2nd place – U Music (Erin Lin, Zachary Liu, Tyler Sheu, Gabriel Tseng)

High School Ensembles

1st place – Central High School (Arianna Carrillo, Klaire Mason, Taylor Popp, Amanda Steinhauer)

2nd place – Clovis North “A” (Kennah Ott, Jasmine Ramirez, Chris Tiu, Klea Washington)

3rd place – University High School (Matthew Angeles, Maria Balane, Lucas Flores, Joshua Friesen, Andres Rugama, Julian Avila)

College Ensembles

1st place – CSU Long Beach

2nd place – CSU Fresno (Caryn Brokaw, Charis Calbert, Sean Clark, Micah Davison, Peyton Esraelian, Kyah Hill, Alec Rodriguez, Charles Wanderscheid, Josh Witrado)

Honorable Mention

High School Drum Set – Austin Pan