Competitive Percussion Ensemble Festival 2015 is coming!


New this year:

No required pieces.  Instead, players on Snare, Marimba, and Timpani will have a short sight-reading excerpt of no more than one minute in length. 

This year the multiple percussion category has been replaced by a chamber ensemble category.  Jr High and High school groups of 3-6 players may enter into this category.  The college ensemble category remains unchanged. 

Please use the links at the top of the page to navigate through the event.  Applications must be postmarked by April 1st.  See you there!!!!

California Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society Competitive Festival
May 1st, 2015 - Fresno State

Central California Day of Percussion 
May 2nd, 2015 - Clovis North Educational Center

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2014 Festival Winners

College Ensemble Winners

1st - CSU Long Beach
2nd - Fresno State University
3rd - Chapman University

College Winners

College Snare Drum
1st - Jennifer Marasti 
2nd - Micah Cabaccang
3rd - Ben Palmon
College Timpani
1st - Henry Reed
2nd - Anthony Gilleland
3rd - Ben Palmon
College Marimba
1st - Patrick McCaffrey 
2nd - Soyun Cheon 
3rd - Jazper Saldana
College Multiple Percussion
1st - Patrick McCaffrey
2nd - Angelique Sayson

High School Winners

High School Snare Drum
1st - Sean Clark
2nd - Adrian Lin
3rd - Alan Cheng 
High School Timpani
1st - Adrian Lin
2nd - Jana Price
3rd - Chloe Duerr
High School Marimba
1st - Adrian Lin
2nd - Chin-Li Lo
3rd - Alan Cheng 
High School Multiple Percussion
1st - Austin Pan 
2nd - Kyle Chen
3rd - Chloe Duerr

Jr. High Winners

Junior High School Snare Drum
1st - Lauren Sheu 
2nd - Robert Darling
3rd - Andy Hsu
Junior High School Timpani
1st - Robert Darling
2nd - Arthur Wong
3rd - William Ju
Junior High School Marimba
1st - Lauren Sheu
2nd - William Ju
3rd - Arthur Wong