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    Posted 05-11-2011 08:24
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    I'm considering purchasing a set of Adams chimes.  I've noted their Philharmonic series is around $5500 (1.5 in tubes, height adjustable) and their Symphonic series is around $3900 (also 1.5 in. tubes), but I can't really see any other difference on the web.  $1600 for height adjustment seems a bit steep, so I'm assuming there must be something else!  Does anyone have any insights/observations, especially in regards to tonal and/or quality differences?

    Many thanks!

    Kenyon Williams
    Minnesota State University Moorhead

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    Posted 05-11-2011 10:06

    By the way...I really ought to mention that my budget is around $4500, so I'm a bit "below the market" for some other chime sets (esp. one of the amazing Yamaha/Deagan sets) that I'm most interested in....what can I say?  A university music department with a squeezed 'till you bleed budget?  How rare is that?



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    Posted 05-13-2011 10:30

    We purchased a set of the Adams Symphonic chimes and extended range Symphonic chimes a few years ago
    and I recommend them highly. The Adams Philharmonic chimes are considerably heavier and may sound even better, but I chose to put the additional money into the extended range Symphonic set (F-B). I have long been a fan of Deagan chimes, but I have to say that the Adams Symphonic chimes sound far better than the Deagan. There is a different quality to the attack and more substance to the tone, much more like an actual cast bell.

    William Moersch
    University of Illinois