Orchestral Percussion

  • 1.  Bass Drum Case

    Posted 08-26-2011 12:22

    I just finished a large case order, after having compared the construction strength and material quality of several different brands of cases in our inventory.

    It was a straightforward project, being quite easy to see how our Anvil, Calzone, Opti-Cases and others have survived the road over years of regular use.

    Keal may be a bit more money, but they are far better built in terms of the edge flanges, corners, riveting, hinges, latches and casters than any other case.  Trust me.  I intend to convert our entire supply to their products as we proceed with replacements.

    Shawn is amazingly friendly and helpful, and I highly recommend them.

    The Band of the West has moved several times over the years, and we are about to move again.  Too hot here!

    Best of luck.

    Jim Bartelt
    U.S. Air Force Band of the West
    San Antonio, TX