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Wagner's "Siegfried's Rheinfahrt" 2nd timpani?

  • 1.  Wagner's "Siegfried's Rheinfahrt" 2nd timpani?

    Posted 09-30-2011 04:12
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    We'll be doing Wagner's "Siegfried's Rheinfahrt" in a few weeks. I don't recall doing it before, and haven't seen the timpani score, yet. But from what I've gathered, it is written for 2 timpanists, (2nd timpani in only a portion.) I've also heard that the second timpani part could be optional.  Looking for your input....how you've seen this handled, how you've heard it could/should be handled, and can the 2nd timpani part be covered by one of the glock/cym/tri. players....or is there a conflict?  Thanks in advance!