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Tambourine thumb/finger rolls

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    Posted 01-05-2012 14:19
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    I've always just relied on tambourine wax to help facilitate thumb/finger rolls. But I've also heard many times, the suggestion to glue fine grit sandpaper around the perimeter of the tambourine. Thoughts...comments?? Also, if done, what's the best glue to use without totally wasting the head, AND what 'grit' (220, or?), is recommended?

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    Posted 01-06-2012 15:23
    I've used EMERY Cloth, not sandpaper with much success.  It is "Fine #2680" and glue on with Contact Cement (both surfaces, let dry, and apply carefully!).

    Also make sure you don't take up much space on the head with the Emery.  Only 1 inch MAX around the edge otherwise you may dampen the sound too much.

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    Posted 01-09-2012 00:54

    I use Surf Board wax. It holds up better than bees wax. If you think about it, when we sweat, it is salty - similar to the salt water and I have found it holds up better than bees wax. I use Sticky Bumps and not Sex Wax.

    It is $1.00 for a small brick and it will last you a long time.

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    Posted 01-09-2012 01:23

    Thanks, Dave....AND everybody else! If I can work through this mild case of 'analysis paralysis' (hehe) I'll settle on trying at least one...maybe two of your great suggestions.  Thanks, everybody!

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    Posted 01-06-2012 15:45

    I used to use wax, but now I use sandpaper almost exclusively.   I use a 320 grit  wet/dry made by 3M (it's black).  220 is too coarse and will chew up your fingers.  I used contact cement to ensure a good bond, but that will make the bond permanent (i.e. no going back if you don't like it) 

    I will caution you though that no matter which sandpaper you use, it is designed as an abrasive.  I was working on one of the louder sections of Polovitsian Dance for about 5 mins, and cut right into my finger.  I couldn't do any rolls on it for about 2 weeks!  I have not had a problem with softer rolls like those in "Carmen" or Britten's "Four Sea Interludes."

    I have done this on two tambourines, and it is very simple.  If you would like, I can email you some pictures, or step by step instructions on how I did it.