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    Posted 03-24-2013 21:46
    Hello all,

    I am looking at buying my first set of Bass Drum mallets and I'm interested in seeing what people recommend. There is a large number of mallets and very few reviews on them. So I am simply looking for what you all would recommend.


    Matthew D. Crane

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    Posted 03-24-2013 22:04
    I like the Vic Firth Gauger series general and rollers.  I also carry the Firth SoundPower Legato with me for softer attacks.  Those four sticks make up my most used bass drum pack.

    Continuing in the Firth lineup I like the Becken cymbal mallets.  After years of using xylophone mallets, these have really gotten my attention.

    Then go out to Tom Guager's website, tomgauger.com, and look at the stick hanger.  It makes life much easier.

    Lastly look at Frank Epstein's Cymbelt and Caddy.  Bass drum and attachment parts will come up.

    Hint, use a 1" larger cymbal on the bass drum and you avoid the dreaded cymbal lock!  Plus it is easier to muffle with your chest!

    Stephen Lee
    Welleslely Symphony Orchestra
    Lexington Band

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    Posted 03-26-2013 21:18
    I like the Gaugers as well.  I'm not sure if they're any different, but I own the pre-VF version. 

    The IP mallets are heavier and use some sort of terrycloth material.  It's not as soft as the felt, but it doesn't fray and lasts a long time. 

    Felt will last a long time if you take care of them but I find it convenient that VF sells replacement felts for their Soundpower models.  It's easier than having to cut the felt yourself.

    Masatoshi Enomoto
    Hoggtowne Music
    Gainesville Orchestra
    Ocala Symphony
    Gainesville, FL

  • 4.  RE:Bass Drum Mallets

    Posted 03-26-2013 22:14
    I highly recommend the B.D. mallets made by A. Putnam Mallets in Washington state. Her Alan Abel models are a great place to start, but some of the other rollers and specialty models, like the Keith Aleo double sided model, are also excellent. You will find that the sewing of the felt layers is better than on some of the more popular commercial mallets which shall go unnamed by me in this public forum!