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"half snares"

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    Posted 07-24-2014 10:36
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    I recently had a theory/comp colleague ask me about the term "Half Snares" in Robert R. Bennents  "Victory at Sea".   This was the first time I've seen this instruction.  I interpreted this as keeping the strainer half way on/off, but was curious if anyone else has further information regarding this notation, or what the historical execution might have been during that time period.

    Thanks for any info!

    Tobie Wilkinson, President
    Wisconsin Chapter PAS
    Senior Lecturer of Music/Percussion

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    Posted 07-28-2014 15:18
    Hi Tobie,
    Without the part in front of me here is my recollection about "Victory at Sea." I think the opening snare roll indicates something about "waves," as if the drum and orchestra are simulating large swells of water on the ocean. I think there is also a muffled drum part. In traditional military drumming muffled means snares off. (the sound of a funeral drum) I don't recall where the part says "half snares," but it is likely a special effect since the music is a descriptive background soundtrack written for TV.

    Hope that helps.


    John R. Beck
    PAS - President