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    Posted 11-02-2010 14:04
    I was very happy to finally get to see, in person, the PAS museum last year.  It was nice that it was within walking distance from the convention hall.  They had some beautiful exhibits set up in there.

    Now here's my thought.  To whomever the powers may be at PAS, what about having (during PASIC) special tours available to serious, interested parties that show the entire collection? All that great, cool stuff we could only look at from afar behind the glass storage doors.

    Perhaps in small groups of 5 or so with a docent.  We could all wear gloves or whatever else might be deemed appropriate if we were allowed to view a snare drum up close, for example.  These small, private tours could be set up in advance, with special times and appointments.

    Although I greatly enjoy seeing what was out on the public floor, it's only a small fraction of what I want to see, and what I know the PAS museum has.  Many of us have collections of our own and are very interested in some of the wonderful (but maybe not of great interest to the general public) percussion instruments in the PAS collection.

    Any chance of this happening?


  • 2.  RE:PAS Museum

    Posted 11-03-2010 13:18

    Hi Danielle,

    Great ideas about exploring Rhythm! Discovery Center - If you haven't heard already, the museum will be open extended hours during PASIC - 9am-5pm Thurs. & Sun. and 9am-7pm Wed., Fri., & Sat. - and within that week, in addition to exploring the museum and checking out all the hands-on instruments, there will be 3 events taking place here, all at 1pm:

    Thurs. - Ryan Lewis with the George Hamilton Green Exhibit
    Fri. - Richard Cook with the Lou Harrison Gamelan
    Sat. - Jim Strain with the Leedy instruments

    The idea about seeing behind the glass into the instrument storage room however is not entirely feasible at this point.  Mainly because there will only be two staff here working the front desks at R!DC during PASIC, because everyone else will be at the Convention Center!  So at this time, we don't have the time to do so but are looking into it for next year.

    Hope to see you at PASIC!

    Kristen Klehr
    PAS Intern, Fall 2010