• 1.  PASIC 2010 Friday 4pm

    Posted 11-06-2010 17:51

    Hello Everybody,
    I hope you are all doing well and all ready for the trek to PASIC 2010 next week. 

    Just thought I'd take this opportunity to invite y'all to the session I'm doing on Friday at 4pm with Nick Attanasio and my wife Therese.  It is based on the legendary Sons of Liberty fife and drum corps from Brooklyn, New York who were active from 1947-1968.  

    This was a group who not only affected the direction of fife & drum corps, but drum & bugle as well.  A few of the drummers we'll cover include Ken Lemley who once taught Billy Cobham in a drum corps in New York, Bobby Thompson & Les Parks who both affected the future of marching percussion and Nick Attanasio who is one of the pioneers of bass drumming.  

    To finish up the session we've invited a group of people to join us on stage who I refer to as "The PAS All-stars."  These drummers come from assorted backgrounds including college professors, drumset artists, rudimental specialists, PAS Hall of Famers and The Old Guard.  In a tribute to the fife & drum musters of New England we will all join together in a massed drum performance of Downfall of Paris.  This is a tradition at sessions I'm involved in. 

    If you are free on Friday at 4pm and can make it we'd love to see you.  And please stop by to say hello!!!!!!!!!!!! 


    In the spirit,
    Dominick Cuccia