PASIC Thoughts; Good and Not so Good

  • 1.  PASIC Thoughts; Good and Not so Good

    Posted 11-15-2009 14:29
    So,  the obvious question at this point is;  what did you enjoy about PASIC this year?  I thought the facilities were excellent.  The exhibit hall got a little noisy, but what else can you expect?

    I was a little disappointed in the drum set venue.  Not enough room for all the sessions as I was turned away from one session due to a lack of seating.  Also,  must the drum set artists crank everything beyond the sense of reality?  Good grief, the volume was so loud.  Are we really benefiting by turning everything up so loud that we have to have earplugs in order to sit through the session?  Isn't that an oxymoron of sorts?

    OK, I'll stop complaining.  All in all, another great event!


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    Posted 11-19-2009 18:56

    As ALWAYS, I enjoy seeing my old friends and making new ones!!!  I'm happy to say that I did both.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that a 5 minute walk can easily turn into a 45 minute walk just because you run into so many people you want to talk to.

    I loved seeing & playing the new Schnellar timpani.  I got some great deals on percussion gear.  I love seeing what's new in books, music and products.

    I thought the convention center was OK.  There were a fair amount of restaurants within walking distance, although from 5-8 pm, most places had a 30-45 minute wait.  I think part of that was because all the marching band stuff going on in the city at the same week.  I hope they don't conflict again. The weather was GREAT!

    I was very glad to see the PAS museum.  Some WONDERFUL stuff on Clair Musser in there.  And it was nice that it was within walking distance... that was great!

    Overall, I had a GREAT time!


  • 3.  RE:PASIC Thoughts; Good and Not so Good

    Posted 11-19-2009 21:41
    I always enjoy going to PASIC. Out of 33 conventions to date, I have only missed 7 (and regretted not going, in most cases, before they were over!) and been a featured performer at 17. As always, PASIC is a mix of seeing old friends, meeting new ones, getting inspired by amazing artists, and hearing both performances and music that should never have been allowed out of the basement.

    I termed off the BOD this year, but I am proud to have been part of the decision to move PAS to Indianapolis and I think it was a huge success. The museum exceeded my wildest expectations; it is absolutely fantastic and I urge every member (or non-member) to visit. Even better than the opening ceremony on Wednesday was the guided tour by Emil Richards on Thursday!

    Otherwise, my personal PASIC highlights were the ZMF New Music concert, the Yale Percussion Group, the Fujii family, Erik Sammut, Pius Cheung, a personal 20th-anniversary observance, and the Adams Schneller timpani.

    I can hardly wait for next year!