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    Posted 03-26-2015 21:12
    In light of the new law just passed in Indiana, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), I would hope that the leadership of PAS would consider looking for an alternative site for PASIC 2016. As a diverse community of musicians, it would be safe to assume that there are many of our number who would not be welcome in Indiana and could be subject to discrimination and refusal of service by local businesses. ------------------------------------------- Ted Rounds Percussionist Kent State University -------------------------------------------

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    Posted 03-26-2015 21:35

    1.  Actually read the law before stereotyping and making a judgment based on hearsay about what the law is about.  It's not perfect, but it follows the NATIONAL LAW that was passed under Bill Clinton and has been proved constitutional.
    2.  The conventions are planed out three years in advance because the venues are booked up that far in advance.  Just dropping one venue in order to go to another one is not feasible.
    3. There are a lot more businesses, companies, and individuals in Indiana that are still willing to welcome and do business with EVERYONE.  This law just protects the few small businesses that have a stronger religious conscious that will not let them do this from the increasing number of frivolous lawsuits from people that are personally offended when someone says they can't do something for them.   It seems that a certain group of people want to be able to practice their freedom of speech and expression and don't like it when another group wants to practice that same right. 
    4. I always look forward to all the PASIC conventions.  I enjoy the wide variety of multicultural education and exposure I get to experience at all of them.  I especially enjoy Indianapolis as it is close for me and is one of the more affordable cities in which to stay.  You are welcome to not attend.  I  won't miss you.


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    Posted 03-26-2015 23:32
    Ted was expressing his opinion on a topic that concerns a lot of us. By responding in such a mean-spirited manner, Christopher, you're discouraging any kind of meaningful discussion. As brothers and sisters of the drum, I sure wish we could express opinions without fear of being slammed!

    I think your statement about the RFRA passed in 1993 is not quite accurate, because the Supreme Court ruled that Congress had overstepped its authority in passing the legislation, at least as it applied to the states (Boerne vs. Flores, 1997). So in that respect, the law has not been "proved constitutional." And I just re-read Ted's message, and I'm not seeing the "stereotyping" you mention.

    I don't think moving the convention, even if time allowed, would have enough impact to matter, but it's interesting to hear that the NCAA is "concerned." People will pay attention if an organization like that takes any action. This will be an interesting story to follow.