Thomas: Merlin

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    Posted 01-10-2011 09:56

    Errata for Andrew Thomas' Merlin

    Movement I

    m. 19, upper staff: Don't forget that the Bb holds through the bar!

    Movement II

    m. 53, lower staff: Ossia for 2nd 16th-note is F# 8va; ossia for 7th and 8th 16th-notes is to play the D# with the A rather than the F#.

    m. 55, lower staff: Ossia for the 4th 16th-note (including the rest) is Eb only, without the D.

    m. 71, upper staff: 9th 16th-note double-stop should be B natural and F.

    m. 145, lower staff: F should be F#.

    m. 176, lower staff: In the manuscript, the first 16th-note D (after the rest) also has a D 8ba (that is, an octave) and the last 16th-note D in the measure is an octave lower (but NOT octave D's).

    m. 177, lower staff: In the manuscript, the 5th 16th-note is a middle C#, not a rest.

    William Moersch
    University of Illinois