Rebecca Webster

Rebecca Webser

March, 2016


Rebecca Webster began her drumming career taking lessons with Tom Giesler, and later joined The School Of Rock Fairfield. She plays almost every weekend with the School of Rock House Band, and as captain has enjoyed arranging and casting songs. Last year she started taking lessons with Adrian Tramontano. It has been an amazing experience to be exposed to new styles, and techniques for playing live, but also because she is a huge fan of the band Kung Fu. She also enjoys playing and competing in the Staples Jazz Band and freshman concert band, and play with a jazz fusion group led by Jon Blanck every other week. 

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1: Where in Connecticut did you grow up and when did you start playing the drums?

I previously lived in Seattle but started drumming at 8 years old when I moved to Westport CT to be closer to family. My grandma had picked up drumming in her 50's and became obsessed with the instrument. Whenever I would visit her she would have me repeat rhythms back to her on the bongos. She had to quit because of a shoulder injury, so when my family moved to CT she gave me her kit and encouraged me to start taking lessons. 

2: How did you get involved in the Hit Like a Girl contest and can you talk about your recording and editing process to make your videos?

I found out about the Hit Like a Girl contest from my dad three years ago, but initially I was too scared to enter it. I had never put myself out there in terms of drumming, but was very interested in the contest as it was focused on female drummers. The next year I entered and was lucky to get First Runner Up. This year I have a weekly winner slot, but the talent range in the contest improves with every year, so I'm not sure what to expect! The contest has provided me with so many unique opportunities to be in campaigns and play at percussion festivals. The contest is really an amazing way to encourage more female drummers to get into the business. My dad and I have spent a lot of time trying to perfect the recording process and have recently started using the Behringer XR18 interface into Logic Pro X. I like to mic the top and bottom snare heads when I am recording to give the snare some pop. I also mic the resonant head as well as beater for a similar effect on the kick. I like to use a GoPro as well as Nikon cameras for the multi cam shots. I think the multiple angles are helpful for contests, primarily to show show footwork that would normally be out of view. The videos are edited in Final Cut Pro X. I usually do multiple takes, but the number of takes depends on whether I am trying to record something note for note, or improvised. Obviously it takes me significantly longer to nail something note for note! 

3: What are your goals as a young upcoming drummer?

My main goal as a young drummer is to find my way in the business as a professional musician. I know I never want to stop playing drums and I would love to become a session musician, or start playing out more frequently with my current bands. I can't imagine my life without drumming, it has shaped me as a person and really is the only thing I truly love to do.


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