2012 Drumset Competition

drumset competition

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2012 Iowa Day of Percussion

Drum Set Competition



To recognize young drum set artists based on their musical, technical, and creative ability.



(1)  High School (9-12)

(2)  College (undergraduate)



Contestant must:

  • fall into one of the two above categories
  • be able to compete and perform at the Iowa Day of Percussion on March 31, 2012 on the campus of The University of Iowa



High school contestants will be required to play David Mancini’s Suite for Solo Drum Set and Percussion Ensemble.  Contestants will learn the entire piece but only certain sections will be asked during the competition.  The winner of this category will perform the piece with a live ensemble in a concert at the Iowa Day of Percussion. There will be a short rehearsal in the afternoon with the ensemble.  Sheet music will be sent to the contestants.


Collegiate contestants will be required to perform with a recording.  The recording may come from a published solo (e.g. Steve Houghton’s See You Later or Dave Weckl’s Plus One recordings) or an original composition with a prerecorded play along track.  The piece may not exceed 6 minutes.  Please have a copy of the play-along track on a CD or iPod for the competition.


All contestants will be playing on a provided standard 4-piece drum set with hi-hats, a crash and a ride cymbal.



  • The winner of each category will perform at the showcase concert during the Iowa Day of Percussion.
  • Each winner will receive prizes from various instrument, stick, drumhead, and publishing companies.
  • Each contestant will receive a certificate of participation and a comments sheet from the judge.


How to apply:

(1)  Complete the information below

(2)  Email information to oliver-molina@uiowa.edu by Sunday, March 18, 2012



Name:___________________________________________________             Category:            High School                       College


School Attending:__________________________________________  Year of School:_________________ Age:___________


Email Address:________________________________________________  Phone Number:______________________________


Musical Selection:______________________________________________________________________________________________