E blast October 2017 

Dear chapter members,


PASIC 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana is less than two weeks away! Another great line up of artists, concerts, and sessions. 

November 8-11,


We have some amazing fall percussion concerts happening throughout the state. Hope you will attend and support these programs in your area:




Tuesday, October  31

7:30pm, Swope Recital Hall 

SRU Percussion Ensemble - Kimberly Glover

SRU World Percussion Ensemble - Dr. David Glover



Fall Showcase Concert: NIGHTSCAPES

Saturday, November 4

7:30pm, Palmer Hall

featuring the music of Adam Silverman, Evan Chapman, David Hall, Blake Tyson, Henry Cowell, Tobias Bröstrom, Elliot Cole, and Paul Halley.




Monday, November 6

7:30pm, Temple Performing Arts Center

featuring a performance of George Antheil’s “Ballet Mecanique”




Thursday, November 16

7:30pm, Winter Center

featuring West African Drum and Dance, MU Caribe, MUPE and MU STEEL

$10 general admission, free with student ID



Sunday, November 19

7:30pm, Winter Center

featuring Millersville University Percussion Ensemble and guest Messiah College Percussion Ensemble. Special appearance by MU STEEL.


For information visit:


Please send us your performance dates for 2017-18.



2018 Pennsylvania PAS Day of Percussion 

Saturday, April 21 at Millersville University (James Armstrong, host)

Guest artists and schedule to be announced soon! Do take a moment to check out the video from our Day of Percussion at Millersville University this past spring.



Percussion Ensemble Festival 

Saturday, April 28 at Messiah College (Dr. Erik Forst, host)

This symposium will include the participation of several scholastic concert percussion ensembles and will feature several clinics throughout the day.  Ensembles will have the chance to perform a 20-25 minute concert on stage in beautiful Parmer Hall, receive feedback and a coaching from one of our world-renowned clinicians, and receive a high-quality recording of both their performance and coaching session.  No scores or ratings will be given, only educational feedback!  This year, our clinicians will include Michael Burritt from the Eastman School of Music and Kevin Bobo from Indiana University. 

For information contact Dr. Erik Forst:



A note from our current student delegate:
Are you attending PASIC?? If members of any Pennsylvania percussion studios will be going, let me know so we can meet up! We have a few percussionists going from Millersville University and it would be awesome to grab some food or something with other members of the PA chapter. Email me and I will put some meeting time possibilities together!

and for all thing PASIC:

Student Delegates: I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity!! It's not a huge commitment and it's a  great way to network, share your ideas, and be involved with our premier professional organization as percussionists. Contact me with any questions you may have!!

We have some exciting stuff in the works for the chapter, and of course, be on the lookout for announcements about our Day of Percussion in the Spring - Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Visit the Pennsylvania PAS website:

and on

Joe Codispoti
PAS Student Delegate, Pennsylvania Chapter



For all chapter news and event information please visit these pages often

Chapter website:


Percussive Arts Society:


Pennsylvania PAS website:


Percussive Arts Society on Facebook:


PA Chapter on Facebook:



All the best to you as we start this new academic year! Hope to see you at PASIC!


James Armstrong

Millersville University

Pennsylvania PAS Chapter President






The West Chester University Percussion Ensemble proudly features guest soloist Cynthia Yeh on our April 18, 2017 concert (Swope Music Building, Madeleine Wing Adler Theater, 8:15pm). Cynthia Yeh (Principal Percussionist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra) will perform David Gillingham's Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Orchestra. Admission is free and open to the public. The concert will also  be live streamed (free of charge) at 





Hope all of you are having a great holiday and HAPPY NEW YEAR to each of you!! Below is the PAS President report from Julie Hill. Enjoy and see you soon!

PAS President’s Report 2016

Julie Hill


As President of the Percussive Arts Society it is my privilege to represent our organization to the public and document the activities of the Board of Directors for this annual report to the Board of Advisors and other divisions of our PAS leadership team. This will be my final report as president of this amazing brother- and sisterhood to which I have belonged for 27 years. It has been an honor to serve as your president. I thank you for this opportunity of a lifetime. Over the past two years we have completed the lengthy process of restructuring the entire leadership and governance model. We have also hired an executive director who will most assuredly be a game changer for PAS. I believe our society today is stronger than ever and I leave this position knowing that already we have in place the infrastructure, leadership team, passion, and vision to move forward with the integrity and alacrity necessary to meet our mission like never before. Please allow me to present some of the PAS highlights from 2016.


Commitment to the Future

In today’s volatile global dynamics, PAS must evolve and change. We have always been forward- thinking, especially with regard to our offerings at PASIC and our committee structure. However, in 2016, we began steps toward forward thinking and inclusivity in the following ways:

·      Next Generation of Leadership

o   This year we hosted an Emerging Leaders Session. This was not simply about young leadership, but rather inclusive leadership. The Executive Committee reached out to many of our past presidents and renowned pedagogues to ask for their guidance in identifying up-and-coming leaders, as well as those who had not been engaged with PAS for many years or perhaps had never been encouraged to seek a leadership role.  This year we formed a database of those who attended the Emerging Leaders Meeting or couldn’t attend but indicated a desire to be included in future correspondence.  We now have 79 dedicated PAS members as part of this group, and the Executive Committee plans to foster ongoing dialogue and engagement with them on a variety of issues. If you know of someone who wasn’t invited and should be included, please reach out to me or incoming president Brian Zator and we will add them to the list.

o   This year we hosted the first PAS Student Drum Break. This was a town hall meeting open to students of any age and geared more toward middle and high school students—our youngest attendee was a seventh grader from Nashville--to ensure that we are aware of their needs and concerns. It was really great to see active participation from our future performers, educators, and leaders!

·      Diversity in the Percussive Arts

o   As a young woman growing up in a profession dominated by white males, it struck me as imperative to advocate for diversity in the percussive arts. PAS has always been forward thinking in regard to the music, its genres, the various fields of percussion, and the variety to needs we address, but our society does not reflect diversity in membership, leadership, or PASIC participation. PAS is slowly becoming more diverse, but true diversity, of course, is not only about gender.  The members of the Executive Committee recognized that the situation demanded direct action and devoted a good deal of energy toward promoting diversity in PAS. Indeed, if we are truly an inclusive society that serves all percussionists and drummers throughout the world as our mission statement attests, we must be committed to real diversity. As a result, this year, as president, I created the ad-hoc PAS Diversity Committee. Its first meeting at PASIC drew more than 30 members, all of whom volunteered to serve. Sub groups will address many aspects of diversity, including race, gender, geography, marketing and branding, and socio economics, among other issues. I wish to thank Heather Sloan for agreeing to serve as the first chair of this committee and I am very excited to see what this group will bring to PAS.  If you know someone who is passionate about diversity and would be a good addition to this group, please have them contact me or Heather Sloan at


·      A Truly International Organization

o   International Chapters

§  While PAS is an international society, it is no secret that PASIC is currently only held in the United States and that the majority of our members are US citizens. Clearly, it is more expensive for international members to attend PASIC, meaning that very few student members of our international chapters can ever attend unless they have exceptional financial means. Furthermore, our international chapters remain smaller than our US chapters as they are faced with additional challenges of both geography and finances. We have so many outstanding international chapter presidents who are working hard to create opportunities for percussionists and drummers throughout their respective countries and not just the state or region in which they live. I can’t mention all of them or all of their activities in this limited space, but I wish to thank just a few of them for their energy and ongoing service to PAS: Ronni Kot Wenzell (Brazil), Josh Watkins (Trinidad), Jianpeng Feng and Shanlin Jiao (China), Margie Tong (Hong Kong), Kuen-Yean Hwang (Taiwan), Tim Palmer (United Kingdom), and Nikita Ponomarev (Russia). I’d also like to thank Adam Mason (Chair, International Committee) and Brian Zator (President-Elect), who have been instrumental in the formation of many new international chapters over the past two years.

o   PASIC International Scholarship

§  In an effort to help passionate young drummers and percussionists throughout the world attend PASIC, this year we introduced a new PASIC International Scholarship. I wish to thank the ten PAS members who donated to this scholarship, especially Michael Gould, who partnered in every aspect of the scholarship’s development, from funding to the application and selection process. The original goal was to bring two students from the same location (for non-English speakers, coming to the US alone can be quite intimidating), but for 2016 we only raised the funds to sponsor one student. If you are passionate about international education, please contact me about donating for 2017. We hope that someday this will be an endowment that funds a minimum of two international scholarships each year. To see more about this year’s recipient, João Carlos Oliveira da Silva , please visit João is a wonderful musician and a lovely human being. After speaking to him numerous times, I know this experience has changed his life forever, but we could help so many others with support from more of our members. Please consider helping in 2017 if you can.


PASIC 2016

This year’s PASIC proved to be as action-packed and educational as ever. Thanks to all who presented and attended this year. You made PASIC 16 one of our most exciting conventions ever.

§  Attendance

o   More than 5300 people.

§  Exhibitors

o   More than 100 exhibitors – THANK YOU Corporate Sponsors!!!!!!

§  A Return of the Late Night Hangs

o   Normally when writing reports, I try to stick with the pronoun “we” more than “I”, as we are a team, but for this item, I am particularly pleased, as I have been trying to bring these back for six years! This year, “WE” finally did it! Many thanks to Jim Rupp for hosting the Late Night Jazz Hang and Lalo Davila for hosting the Late Night Latin Hang. Also thanks to PAS Past President Steve Houghton for his work on coordinating a stellar IU faculty house band. A final thanks to the PAS Board of Directors and Executive Director Joshua Simonds for running with something that wasn’t in the budget! My hope is that the Late Night Hangs are here to stay! We heard nothing but positive feedback from those in attendance.

§  PASIC 16 Videos

o   If you weren’t at PASIC or were and didn’t catch some of the concerts in Sagamore and Wabash, we are working to get all PASIC 2016 videos up on the PAS website. More are coming all the time; you can find these at - “Resources” – “Video Library” or clink HERE for the direct link. Many thanks to Dan Ainspan in the PAS office for his ongoing work on these videos!

§  PASIC 16 Surveys

        If you haven’t taken the Post Pasic Survey that went out a few weeks ago, please do so soon. So far the feedback from PASIC 2016 has been overwhelmingly positive. We want to hear from you and receive your suggestions. Thanks to so many of you who have already submitted the surveys!

§   PASIC 17 Applications

o   PASIC 2017 artist app – Deadline January 15, 2017

§  PASIC 17 Contests and Competitions

o   Solo Artist Competition, Composition Contests, International Percussion Ensemble Competition, World Percussion Ensemble Competition, and more Apply Here


Year-Round PAS Opportunities/Offerings

This year PAS continued to add more opportunities for students and members of all ages.

§  Group Memberships

o   You have been asking for group memberships for years and now we ask that you take advantage of these if you serve students between 6th and 12th grades. Please tell your friends and help spread the word!

§  International Chapters

·      With the new membership model, please don’t panic. We have this as a high priority for our upcoming January summit and will come up with a membership solution will benefit you, not hurt you. You have our word on that.

    Rhythm Scene!

        I still find that some of our members don’t know about our FREE and all digital PAS publication. Please make sure your students, contacts, and networks know about Rhythm Scene! Read the December issue with great PASIC 16 Highlights and more HERE 

    PAS Website Resources

        Yes, we know the website still needs an extreme makeover, but we have done some work and ask you check out a few items, particularly under the “Resources” tab.

            The all new Drumset Essential Listening and Spotify Playlist is just one of the new items recently added. Thanks to Eric Hughes and the Drumset Committee for their hard work on this. You can download or follow this list on Spotify, as I do. This is a great resource teaching drumset.

                #NowPlaying Essential Listening for Drumset (v1.0, November 2016) - PAS Drumset Committee by percussivearts

§  Scholarships

o   Please continue to tell your students about our PAS Scholarships. It’s free money and students seem to like that! We continue to add more of these each year. Search and apply HERE


What is Asked of You?

As always, we need your assistance in spreading the news and actively participating in new and ongoing initiatives. Please consider following through on the items below

§  Library Subscriptions

o   Please consider speaking to the librarian at your institution and requesting this!

§  Library subscriptions remain at the $250 level, but now there are MORE offerings included. Now, with each subscription, online access to the PAS publications and 50 year history are included!

·      Please put your librarian in touch with Marianella Moreno at for any technical or specification questions

§  Give

o   PAS and R!DC annual end of the year campaign will go through December 31. If you have benefited from a PAS education, performance, or research initiative, a year end donation can help you #PayItForward Donate HERE

§  Amazon Smile

o   Please choose PAS as your Amazon charity of choice if you haven’t done so already. Then, a small percentage of each of your purchases will go to help PAS.

§  Go to and choose Percussive Arts Society as your charity. You only need to do this once.

§  YouTube

o   Subscribe to the PAS YouTube Channel

§  PAS Signature

o   If you haven’t already added PAS to your professional signature, please consider doing so now. It’s fast and easy and a great way to spread awareness about what we do at PAS. Just copy mine, paste, and edit as needed.


I thank you for your time in reading this 2016 update of the activities of the Percussive Arts Society.  PAS is in great hands with Brian Zator as the incoming president, Joshua Simonds as executive director, and the rest of the PAS Executive Committee (Chris Hanning – president-elect, George Barrett – first vice president, Paul Buyer – 2nd vice president, and Mike Sammons – secretary). Many thanks also to our PAS Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and Council of Past Presidents. I also wish personally to thank the PAS Presidents who directly mentored and believed in me over the past six years: Steve Houghton, Lisa Rogers, and John Beck. Nothing spins on a dime in non-profit service and closure on any initiative is the continuation of years of hard work from numerous individuals and leadership teams. I’ll move into an advisory role for the next two years, but after that, rest assured that I will be as passionate as ever about the activities of the Percussive Arts Society and the people who are PAS.  Why PAS? It’s about the people – Michael Balter.


Respectfully submitted,


Julie Hill

President, Percussive Arts Society


James Armstrong

Instructor of Percussion, Millersville University

President Pennsylvania PAS

(607) 592-1645




 Email Blast October 2016

Dear Pennsylvania Chapter members,


PASIC 2016 is right around the corner!! Are you registered? It is going to be another memorable event!! For all things PASIC please visit:



2017 Pennsylvania Day of Percussion will be held Saturday, April 8 at Millersville University in Lancaster, PA. Visit our chapter website for all upcoming information and guest artist and ensemble announcements.


Mark your calendars!!

April 29, 2017 Messiah College Percussion Ensemble Festival

Designed for high school concert percussion ensembles, this festival offers performance opportunity with feedback and work with guest clinicians Dr. John Parks (Florida State University) and Michael Burritt (Eastman School of Music). The event will feature clinics and showcase concert. For info and registration cost please contact host Dr. Erik Forst at


There are so many great happenings statewide this fall and spring. Please visit our event listing and support our percussion community by attending these events!




LET US HELP promote your concerts and guest artist visits through the chapter page and facebook! Send concert dates and event details to media coordinator STEVE GOSS email:


As always, don’t forget to promote PAS to your friends, students and colleagues. There are so many benefits for percussionists of all levels. All membership info can be found here:


Visit us on Facebook and keep up to date on all things PAS related! Join our social media efforts and help keep our vibrant percussion community thriving!


… and the PAS facebook site! https:







Finally, we are happy to announce a very special event this December:


Philadelphia VIBES Bootcamp: December 3rd and 4th.


  • We founded and oversee, the definitive vibraphone website, with over 4,000 registered vibes players, and 1,400 lessons for the vibraphone.
  • We absolutely love the vibraphone! We want to get more people playing the instrument.
  • We presented a very successful two-day Vibes Boot Camp at California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, California on June 17-18, 2016.
  • We are looking for students of all levels to participate in our second Vibes Boot Camp.
  • Here is a link to registration info on Vibes Boot Bamp: Bootcamp Registration    There is only room for 10 participats – register TODAY!
  • For general information (class times, etc.), please visit: General Info
  • Please join (like) our Vibes Boot Camp Facebook Page: Facebook Page





On behalf of the Percussive Arts Society and the Pennsylvania PAS Chapter Officers We sincerely thank you for your continued support!


  EMAIL BLAST Sept 2016

Dear PA Chapter members!


I hope this email finds you well! For many of us it is back to the academic grind! Whatever the case, we all find ourselves asking the same question this time of year: Where did the summer go??


PASIC 2016 in Indianapolis is right around the corner! NOVEMBER 9-13. The artist line-up is simply amazing and PASIC 16 will surely be remembered as one of the best. Book your travel NOW and remember that regular registration pricing deadline is September 30! Hope to see you there!


2017 Pennsylvania Day of Percussion is slated for Saturday, April 8. Millersville University in Lancaster, PA will once again host this year with guest artists and day itinerary to be announced soon. Visit our chapter website for all information and take a look at last years highlights:


Want to get involved or have your ensemble perform? Please contact president James Armstrong at


Please SEND US YOUR CONCERT and GUEST ARTIST DATES!!! People cannot attend events they do not know about, so LET US HELP promote your concerts and guest artist visits through the chapter page and facebook!

Send concert dates and event details to media coordinator STEVE GOSS email:


Don’t forget to promote PAS to your friends, students and colleagues. There are so many benefits for percussionists of all levels. Teachers, make PAS membership part of your curriculum requirements! There are many membership options available and all membership info can be found here:


Visit us on Facebook and keep up to date on all things PAS related! Join our social media efforts and help keep our vibrant percussion community thriving!


… and the PAS facebook site! https:


Do you have something educational to include in a future chapter eblast? Video or written article submissions will be considered. Please send to:

president James Armstrong at


Finally, the PA Chapter remembers our friend TED ROUNDS as he passed suddenly this past August following a battle with cancer. Ted was a member of iconic Eastman Marimba Band, a faculty member at Kent State University since 1995, and active member and advocate for PAS throughout his career. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers. Ted, you will be missed!


Wishing you all the best in all things fall!

James Armstrong, PA Chapter President

EMAIL BLAST  April  2016  

Dear Pennsylvania Percussionists,

Just a reminder that April 22-24 will be a very busy and exciting weekend of percussion at Millersville University! Please see below for information and we hope to see you at these events!

FRIDAY, April 22

Day of Percussion "PREVIEW" Concert

7:30pm at Millersville University Winter Center

Featuring The Lancaster Catholic High School Percussion Ensemble (Paul Murr, director), Manheim Township High School Percussion Ensemble (Scott Seigel, director), MU Caribe and Millersville University Percussion Ensemble (James Armstrong, director).

$10 general admission

(717) 871-4669 for information or email

SATURDAY, April 23

Pennsylvania PAS Day of Percussion

Millersville University Winter Center

Featuring KEVIN BOBO, Levy Lorenzo, Mark Reilly and Mark Beecher (with guests the Trouble Makers), Leechburg HS Taiko Ensemble, college and high school ensemble festival, GALA concert at 5pm!

$15 PAS members, $20 non-members

SUNDAY, April 24

Vibes Workshop featuring TONY MICELI

Millersville University Winter Center


Cost is only $50 for the day OR $25 for those participating in the Day of Percussion!!


Please help spread the word and encourage attendance to students and colleagues. Thank you as always for helpingto sustain our vibrant percussion community throughout Pennsylvania and beyond!


EMAIL BLAST  February 2016  

Dear Chapter members,


As we move toward spring there are many exciting events in sight. Here are some performance highlights:


Pennsylvania PAS DAY OF PERCUSSION – Saturday, April 23


Featuring guest artists:

KEVIN BOBO, marimba virtuosity

LEVY LORENZO, electronics and percussion

MARK REILLY (Old Guard) and MARK BEECHER (Troublemakers), rudimental drumming

Plus performances by several High School and College Ensembles


AND, Friday, April 22 at Millersville University

“PAS Preview” Concert featuring the Millersville University Percussion Ensemble, MU Caribe, Lancaster Catholic High School Percussion Ensemble, and Manheim Township HS Percussion Ensemble.



Phillip O’Banion Faculty Recital

7:30 pm in Rock Hall (1715 N. Broad) Chamber music faculty recital. Guests this year are Ivan Trevino, and Ricardo Morales, Amy Barston, Charles Abramovic for a world premiere by Adam Silverman.


Also, Tuesday, April 5 @ 7:30 pm in Temple Performing Arts Center (1823 N. Broad) - Steve Reich’s ‘Music for 18 Musicians’. Temple University Percussion Ensemble with guests from Mobius Percussion and The Crossing.



March 15-18 at MESSIAH COLLEGE

Paschal Younge and AZAGUNO

AZAGUNO a colorful and vibrant multi-ethnic African drumming and dance ensemble, directed by Paschal Yao Younge and Zelma Badu-Younge, featuring more than 100 Messiah College students which focuses on the performance of traditional African, African-American, Caribbean and Latin American music and dance. Through the drum, the voice, the dance and other visual art forms and paraphernalia, Azaguno brings to the stage a unique African theatrical experience. 

TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 6-8 p.m. African Drumming Clinic, Free and open to the public Calvin and Janet High Center, Parmer Hall 
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 6-8 p.m. African Dance Clinic, Free and open to the public Climenhaga Building, Climenhaga Dance Studio 
FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 8 p.m. Concert in Parmer Hall

For more information visit:



“IUP PE Takes on Fisher” at 8pm, Fisher Auditorium, free

For live stream:   Select “Media” and link to our YouTube page



Percussion Ensemble Showcase, 2:30pm, MU Winter Center

This annual showcase will feature performances by Millersville University Percussion Ensemble and the Lancaster All Star High School Percussion Ensemble.





DIRECTORS, Please forward your spring concert information, summer camp and graduate assistantship opportunities so we may post on the chapter website. Send all information to WebWizard STEVE GOSS at


Looking for some new mallet ensembles? Vibist CHRISTOS RAFALIDES has just released some new material. Check it out at


PASIC 2016 registration is now open!! And always, please do your part and spread the word about PAS and the many benefits of membership!


Keep up to date by visiting our chapter facebook page:


If you have material you would like included in our periodic eblasts, please send information to Chapter President James Armstrong at


Enjoy all the beginnings of spring!! More information will be coming soon!!


James Armstrong

Pennsylvania PAS Chapter President

Instructor of Percussion, Millersville University

EMAIL BLAST January 2016

Greetings Pennsylvania chapter members!!

As many of us dig out from the major Jonas snow event, we hope all of you are enjoying a great start to 2016!! We have some really great things on tap for the upcoming months, including the 2016 DAY OF PERCUSSION on Saturday, April 23.

This years DOP will feature marimba artist KEVIN BOBO, electronics engineer and percussionist LEVY LORENZO, and a special rudimental drumming presentation TBA!! Plus, several high school and college ensemble performances, AND the event kicks off with a "DOP Preview Concert" on Friday night!! Whew! Not to be missed!

Check out the artists:



Here are a couple more events to check out early this year:


1/26 Jeremy Branson, PSO: Orchestral Masterclass

Presser B26/27 (Percussion Studio), 4pm

1/27 Ignacio Berroa, drumset (Jazz @ the Underground)

Student Center – Basement level, 4:30pm

Concert featuring Ignacio Berroa, 7:30pm

2/3 Chris Smith, lecture/performance on Mel Lewis

Klein Recital Hall (2nd Floor, Presser Hall), 4:30pm


2/11 "Intensity" IUP Chamber Percussion Ensemble Concert

Gorell Recital Hall, 8pm


2/26 "Vyner Concerto Competition Winners Circle" featuring Matthew Woodson performing the Higdon Percussion Concerto with MU Orchestra.

Winter Center, 7:30pm


We will post your events on the chapter website and on facebook.

Please send event info to:

Steve Goss:

Be sure to visit and bookmark our chapter website at:

Please visit and "like" our chapter facebook page:

And always check for all relevant information about Percussive Arts Society.


Thank you!

James Armstrong

President, PAS Pennsylvania

EMAIL BLAST December  2015



I hope this note finds you well and full of holiday spirit!


As we soon move into 2016 it is with reflection of another great year in the chapter. So many events and collaborative efforts that helped keep our percussion community vibrant. Let us reflect on a successful 2015 Day of Percussion that featured drumset artist Daniel Glass, vibraphonist master Christos Rafilades, marching expert Rich Klimowicz and performances by several high school and college percussion ensembles. Check out a recap of the day here:


This past November was one of the busiest months the chapter has seen, with several ensembles presenting their fall concerts, the Musser 80th anniversary of the International Marimba Symphony Orchestra of 1935 hosted by Kutztown University and let us not forget a wonderful PASIC 2015 in San Antonio, TX!! Check out some of the PASIC videos on the PAS YouTube channel:


Now we set our sights ahead. Please INK in your calendars Saturday, April 23 for the 2016 Pennsylvania PAS “Day of Percussion” held at Millersville University. This year will feature the marimba artistry of KEVIN BOBO! If you are not familiar with his work you can preview some of his virtuosity here:


More artists and performing ensembles will be announced very soon. This will be an event you surely will not want to miss! More info can be found on our chapter website.


In closing, please take a moment to spread the word about the many benefits of PAS and our chapter.

Visit our chapter facebook page:


Visit our chapter website:


And bookmark the PAS website for so many valuable resources:


On behalf of myself and our amazing chapter officers, we wish you and yours a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! See you in 2016!


James Armstrong

Pennsylvania PAS Chapter President

Millersville University


EMAIL BLAST October 2015

October 2015 Pennsylvania PAS E-news Letter


Dear chapter members,


Fall is certainly upon us! Here are some notables for October:


RIVET DUO at Temple University

7:30 pm Rock Hall Auditorium - 1715 N. Broad St.



Marimba Virtuoso SHE-E WU

Thursday, October 29

Winter Center - Millersville University

$10 general admission/ free with current MU student ID

call (717) 871-4700 for more information or email


** She-e Wu will also present a masterclass at Temple University on Wednesday, October 28 at 12pm



And coming in early November:



November 1, 3pm

Ware Center - downtown Lancaster, PA

for all information visit


Temple University Percussion Ensemble (Phillip O’Bannion, director) Fall Concert

November 3, 7:30 pm                                             

Temple Performing Arts Center


Slippery Rock University Percussion Ensemble (Dr David Glover, director)

November 5, 7:30pm

Swope Recital Hall


Messiah College Percussion Ensemble (Dr Erik Forst, director)

featuring Dr. Adam Blackstock (Troy University)  

November 7, 8pm

Parmer Hall



80th Anniversary Tribute to Clair Omar Musser

November 7-8

Schaffer Auditorium



We will post your events on the chapter website and on facebook. Please send event info to:

James Armstrong:

Steve Goss:


Be sure to visit and bookmark our chapter website at:


While you are at it, visit and “like” our chapter facebook page:


And always check for all relevant information about Percussive Arts Society.


Continue to SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Help spread the word about PAS and its many benefits! Teachers, encourage all students to register. As a percussionist at any level, you cannot afford to NOT be a member and here is why they should join:



PASIC 2015

The 2015 Percussive Arts Society International Convention in San Antonio, TX November 11-15 is right around the corner. Are you registered?  Check out the amazing artist list:


Did you know that Philadelphia’s own TONY MICELI will be appearing at PASIC?? Tony will be doing a clinic at 3pm on Friday, November 13 AND appearing in the Friday night Showcase Concert… cool stuff! If you are not aware of Tony’s work check out

Tony also has a few new print music works available including WEISS GUY for solo vibraphone and Percussion Ensemble, written in honor of Steve Weiss.


Speaking of vibraphone, check out VP Phil O’Bannion onTrevino’s “This Too Shall Pass:”



Please do stay in touch and help us keep our vibrant percussion community connected. If you have something you would like to include in future e-letters (short article, educational video, etc) please send along!


And don’t forget to mark your calendars!

2016 Day of Percussion is APRL 23, 2016! … artist announcements coming soon


James Armstrong

President, Pennsylvania Chapter PAS

Instructor of Percussion, Millersville University



EMAIL BLAST September 2015

Dear chapter members,


I hope this email finds you well! Where did the summer go? For many of us, this time of year means back to school. So much energy, so much enthusiasm at the start of each academic year! Just remember to stay your course, commit to your routine and good things will happen. As I tell my students: "the path to your success is paved with your work ethic!" And we all know that the ONLY thing that makes us better is practice!


Now some chapter business:



Statistics show that people usually do not attend events if they do not know they are happening. Crazy. Let us help!!! We will post your events on the chapter website and on facebook. Please send event info to:

James Armstrong:

Steve Goss:


Be sure to include –

Event title and performing artist[s]

Location, date and time

contact and ticket info

website with bios, concert info, directions, etc

** and be sure to include links to live streaming if applicable!



The Pennsylvania Chapter website has been updated, thank you Stephen Goss! Periodic updates will continue as information and content is received. Visit and bookmark the site at:


While you are at it, visit and "like" our chapter facebook page:


And always check for all relevant information about Percussive Arts Society.



Help spread the word about PAS and its many benefits! Teachers, encourage all students to register. As a percussionist at any level, you cannot afford to NOT be a member and here is why they should join:


PASIC 2015

The 2015 Percussive Arts Society International Convention in San Antonio, TX, November 11-14 is right around the corner. Are you registered? Check out the amazing artist list:




Here are some upcoming event highlights. Do share and hope to see you there:



John Piper, vibraphone clinic

September 17, 4pm

Presser Hall



She-e Wu (marimba) in CONCERT

October 29, 7:30pm

Winter Center



80th Anniversary Tribute to Clair Omar Musser

November 7-8

Schaffer Auditorium




In case you could not attend, check out the slide show highlighting the 2015 Day of Percussion held at Millersville University (James Armstrong, host)


2016 Day of Percussion is

APRIL 23, 2016!


Mark your calendars now!!


Please do stay in touch and help us keep our vibrant percussion community connected. If you have something you would like to include in future e-letters (short article, educational video, etc) please send along!


Here is wishing all of you good skills in the start of this new academic year!


James Armstrong

President, Pennsylvania Chapter PAS

Instructor of Percussion, Millersville University

 Email Blast  July 13, 2015
Hello Pennsylvania PAS members!
I hope the summer is going well for all of you! As your newly elected chapter president I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and brief you on a few chapter items.
First and foremost I would like to extend enormous thanks and gratitude to DAVID GLOVER for his tireless efforts serving as chapter president over the last several years. Through his vision we developed a much greater cohesiveness within the chapter and we continue to maintain a strong network within the state. THANK YOU DAVID!!!!
As many of you are aware, I am Instructor of Percussion at Millersville University in Lancaster, PA. Apart from my duties teaching applied lessons, directing ensembles, and teaching West African Drum & Dance and Percussion Methods, I am also Director of the MU Summer Music Camps that just celebrated our 2nd successful year. As a long standing active member of PAS (since 1984) I have served officer positions in Ohio, New York and continue in Pennsylvania. I find it an honor to serve as chapter president and look forward to much success as the chapter moves forward! We have great things on the horizon! With that, please review the following items:
Please note our newly elected chapter officers and their email addresses. Never hesitate to contact us with ideas, questions or concerns. We are here for you!
JAMES ARMSTRONG (Millersville University) - Chapter President
PHILLIP O'BANNION (Temple University) - Vice President I
KIMBERLY GLOVER (Norwin School District) - Vice President II
STEPHEN GOSS (Ephrata School District, Millersville University)  - Treasurer and webmaster
In my opinion, part of maintaining a successful chapter is communication. I am hopeful that many of you will reach out as we move forward to share your thoughts and ideas. Two items that we will implement immediately are:
1. MONTHLY E-LETTER: During the academic year we intend to  send out a monthly eblast highlighting various event information, as well as other interesting items, including short video clips from chapter members. If you would like to contribute please let us know! 
2. WEBSITE and FACABOOK: We all know that social media is a powerful networking tool and we intend on keeping on top of Facebook and website updates. Please bookmark these sites, visit regularly and DO SHARE! Here are the addresses:
Pennsylvania Chapter home:
Pennsylvania PAS FaceBook:
PAS YouTube Page:
There is so much percussion happening in our state, however people cannot attend your event unless they know about it! Let us help!! We will post on the PAS Chapter Website AND FaceBook, as well as include in our monthly eblast. Please send concert and recital dates to:
Steve Goss -  
James Armstrong -
include in your email:
performing artist[s]
date and time
date and time
contact and ticket info 
website with bios, concert info, directions, etc
** and be sure to include links to live streaming if applicable!
Please take a moment to share the many benefits of PAS Membership! So valuable on so many levels. Forward to your students, colleagues and fellow professional percussionists:
PASIC 2015 San Antonio
November 11-14
We will be there!! Let us know if you plan to attend and DEF let us know if you are involved in a presentation or performance. We WILL help spread the word! if you have not attended PASIC, well… just do it and thank us later.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW. Include this date in your syllabus, tell your friends! 
April 23, 2016
Millersville University
guest artists and ensembles to be announced.
So… reach out, connect, communicate! I look forward to hearing from you!
James Armstrong
Instructor of Percussion, Millersville University
President Pennsylvania PAS
(607) 592-1645
Check out the new PAS YouTube Channel!