Located on the PAS Network Dashbard, the blog serves as an open area for discussion on a particular theme or topic. Blogs are meant to foster community, educate and encourage debate.

Communities are groups of PAS members that share a common interest in a particular topic. PAS members and create communities called Member Created Groups. PAS Network administrators create communities called Chapters and Committees. Once a community is created, features may be added to any community. These include an eGroup and a Resource Library.

Contacts are invited friends, colleagues, students, and teachers that make up your personal network.

The Dashboard provides an overview of recent PAS Network activity. Recent discussions and recent documents provide an “at a glance” summary of network activity. PAS news and announcements, PAS member spotlights and education blogs are included in the Dashboard.

The Directory is the foundation of the PAS Network and allows members to network, join specialized communities, manage personal profile and privacy settings and communicate with other PAS members (contacts). Profile information is used to auto-create communities (networks) of people that share common interests. The Directory includes all networks, chapters, committees and member-created eGroups.

Based on the concept of the previous PAS Online Discussion Forums, eGroups are micro-communities that allow for threaded discussion on one topic (Marimba, Timpani, Discography, etc.). eGroups allow PAS members to discuss any topic in a community that is easy to send, archive and retrieve messages – including attachments (if that particular eGroup has an associated Library). eGroups are created by PAS Network Members (Member Created Groups), PAS Chapters (Chapters) and PAS Committees.

NOTE: To participate in any eGroup, you must subscribe to it before participating. By subscribing to the eGroups you choose, you will not be bombarded with information and emails that you are not interested in.

A calendar listing of percussion events around the world, as submitted by PAS Network members.

Member Spotlight
Located on the Dashboard, PAS members that log in and use the PAS Network will be periodically featured in the Member Spotlight box.

Networks are communities of PAS members that are automatically created based on information specified profile information. Networks do not have eGroups or Resource Libraries.

The profile page is where personal information is managed within the PAS Network. Members can upload a profile picture and post biographical, educational and professional information. Networks (automatically created communities of people) are created based on common interests or geographic location.

Resource Libraries
A Resource Library is created as an extension of an eGroup, a place to collect, store and organize documents, presentations, spreadsheets, audio/video files, photos. Resource Libraries contain material related to specific eGroup topics. In addition to easily uploading content, users can rate, comment, and add to existing library entries of communities in which they have permission to work.